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Lets go back to the dark tower, because stephen kings epic fantasy series has more connections than anything else hes written. A comment is made that the ride charlie the choochoo was seen set up at the expo in kashwak. The dark tower user submitted connections stephen king. In the afterword to wizard and glass, the fourth book in the dark tower series, king writes i have written enough novels and short stories to fill a solar system of the imagination, but wizard and glass protagonist rolands story is my jupiter a planet that dwarfs all the others. Due to the length of time since the release of the final book, and.

In the fifth book of this postapocalyptic series, the characters pass by roland, who is standing on the. Incorporating themes from multiple genres, including dark fantasy, science fantasy, horror, and western, it describes a gunslinger and his quest toward a tower, the nature of which is both physical and metaphorical. King views the saga as his magnum opus, and rightfully so, i think. Want to see how almost every single movie based on a stephen king book connects to the universe of the dark tower. However, it does feature some mild connections to the dark tower specifically, to book iii, and some concepts that feature into the series. The drawing of the three 1987 the drawing of the three is the second installment of the dark tower books. This page is dedicated to books outside the dark tower series that have relevant connections to the series. Here, a wounded roland encounters a series of doorways leading to new. I already have rest of the dark tower books and the stand at the shelf waiting to be read.

Stephen kings the dark tower series is his magnum opus. A boy haunted by visions of a dark tower from a parallel reality teams up with the towers disillusioned guardian to stop an evil warlock known as the man in black who plans to use the boy to destroy the tower and open the gates of hell. Many of kings books have tieins to the dark tower series, through connections with characters such as the stand and salems lot, or through the use of similar languages as in desperation, or in plot devices such as time travel. What writers should learn from the dark tower book. Come and enter the world of the dark tower and its complex connections to stephen kings other universes. Written by kings son, this book also has some connections to the dark tower universe, including mentions of midworld and the phrase the clearing at the end of the path, which is a euphemism for death used throughout all seven books of the series. There are books and related comics that take place before the events of the first dark tower novel, but this order tries to preserve the integrity of the series opening volley before getting into offshoots, flashbacks and side stories, your introduction to gunslinger roland deschain and his quest for the multiverseprotecting tower should be given room to breathe.

These are a few books that ive read that had the strongest connection to the dark tower. I know it is a stretch of a connection, being that charlie the choochoo was a character in a book that was used in the dark tower. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. When you read stephen kings dark tower series, you start to notice that there are a whole lot of books with dark tower connections you. We connected all of the dots in this new video essay. A reading guide to stephen kings dark tower universe. Dark tower 1 salems lot dark tower 2 the tailsman dark tower 3 insomnia dark tower 4 hearts in atlantis black house dark tower 5 dark tower 6 dark tower 7 id like to add something between 56 and 67, but if its unnecessary i might just pick something nonsk related. Another trailer hypes up the idea, but the actual movie clips included tell a different story. They are somewhat more subtle in insomnia, but are quite obvious in hearts in atlantis. Towards the end of the book, the losers club comes face to face with it at the house on neibolt street. This would explain the mystery that is the central theme of the novel, of how in six hours james cogan of nederland, colorado arrived in mooselookit island, maine. Stephen kings dozens of books all connected back to the dark tower, referencing characters from older stories and drawing connections that.

A suggested reading order for the extended dark tower. In that book, the can tah spelled without the hyphen are ugly composite animals carved from stone. The house is a twinner of the house in the last book in the series, and some of the places in the area are mentioned in both books. The reference to the dark tower i found near the end of the cell.

Hearts in atlantis is a must read for those who are hooked on the dark tower. The dark tower is a series of eight books and one short story written by american author stephen king. The series, and its use of the dark tower, expands upon stephen kings. Stephen kings dozens of books all connected back to the dark tower, referencing characters from older stories and drawing connections that flesh out his universe. Technically, it aired between books v and vi, but youd be nuts to watch it in that position. Explore the connection between the poem childe roland to the dark tower came by robert browning and the dark tower series. Now im asking what are the really essential nondark tower books, to be read along the main series. This is a complete printable listing of all the dark tower books and lists the newest the dark tower book. Even if youre only interested in the movie, you are probably aware by now the dark tower is a seven eightbook fantasywesternscifi saga that has come to contain within it basically everything else king has written crafting a story about a giant, mysterious edifice that binds the multiverse together will. Dark tower connections to other stephen king books. Stephen kings the dark tower the worlds in his books connected.

The number nineteen is a magical number in the dark tower novels. Dark towers traces the banks arc from founding through the second world war to the present, excavates and analyzes trumps relationship with his lender of. Kingdom hospital this oneseason television series makes a few connections with the tower. Im about 200 pages away from finishing it please no spoilers for the ending, and i thought i noticed an interesting connection to the dark tower spoilers for it to follow. Katet by michael whelan oil on panel x throughout the dark tower series, stephen king portrayed rolands group of fighters known as the katet as a circle. Stephen kings the gunslinger born dark tower graphic novel.

I made an immediate connection to the dark tower and other connected books. What are the stephen king connections in the dark tower. Song of susannah, we learn that this is the day that stephen king was hit by van near lovell, maine. These stephen king connections will blow your mind dark. At the end of the book, flagg says that life is a wheel that comes to the same place in the end. In 112263, this is the date that the vermont yankee. The dark tower, it is the day that jake chambers and stephen king save stephen kings life. As hulus stephen king series continues, its starting to look like theres a castle rock dark tower connection. Salems lot in this 1975 book, the fallen priest who loses his faith and drinks the blood of a vampire later becomes a key ally of roland the. Gilead is a forum for general discussion about the dark tower and related topics. Also, stephen king includes it on his official list of books related to the main series. In 112263, this is the date that the vermont yankee nuclear reactor. The dark tower series itself follows roland deschain, the last surviving member of an order known as the gunslingers, as he travels to the find the dark tower, a fabled building that is said to be the epicenter of all. Because if any series of books is worth your obsession, its this one.

This page is dedicated to books outside the dark tower series that have relevant connections to. I wont be crossreferencing every single little connection in the books, but rather provide a good look at the kingverse in broader strokes. Hot on the heels of the gunslinger 1988 comes the second volume of kings gargantuan alternateuniverse omnibus. So, even stephen king stories not explicitly linked still take place in the same multiverse, and may even have been written by the stephen king we meet in the series. The dark tower 8book boxed set paperback december 6, 2016. Father callahan from salems lot plays a major role in the dark. I think youll find the connections to the dark tower series rather interesting.

Stephen kings the dark tower the worlds in his books. With idris elba, matthew mcconaughey, tom taylor, dennis haysbert. As dark tower connections go, the deathlands series is a pretty interesting development. The dark tower series is an epic adventure through different worlds and times, with all of the subtle detail that you expect from a king book. The relative obscurity of the dark tower explains why some of the marketing for the new film goes out of the way to emphasize the connections between it and kings other works. Featuring interviews with stephen king, ron howard, dark tower expert robin furth and others, bev vincent reveals the dark towers influential literary origins, examines its connections to the vast majority of kings other novels, explores the expanded universe, catalogs the major characters, locations and concepts, and includes a travel. It concerns the last gunslinger, roland deschain, and his quest to reach the dark tower and climb to the top. Recently i heard that kings other books are filled with dt references. The dark tower connects everything in stephen kings universe. The dark tower is an eight book fantasyscifihorror series written by stephen king. You might need to take notes if you want to keep the plot straight, but thats the beauty of it. Im not interested in every little easter egg, only the significant connections. Theres no way king expects or demands this level of vigilance from his readers.

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